Message from Dani Carew


I would like to talk about Overcoming/ Surviving Adversity and Embracing Change.

Change is the only constant in our world. Everything and everyone Is in a constant state of change. Change is like the Seasons inevitable but necessary. We grow, we change, our objectives change, our priorities change, the boundaries we set change. Every ending means a new beginning.

We ALL of us will face adversity at some time in our lives. The Problem is NOT the adversity but how we react to it. We can face the Adversity - whatever it is and say:

• What can I learn from this?

• How can I grow from this?

• How can I get through this?

• Who do I know who can help me get through this?

OR we can collapse and say - what did I do to deserve this? What am I to do? And give up.

We will have to redefine ourselves when the circumstances and conditions in our lives change. Life on earth isn't easy - With no way to know what will happen from one minute to the next. Control and security are illusory.

So if you embrace the change that comes with adversity to the point where you can look forward to the positive possibilities it could bring, life's surprises will all seem like opportunities to you.

Remember what the caterpillar calls the end of its life, becoming a beautiful butterfly. So dare to dream, dare to overcome adversity and discover your wings.