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Dedicace / 25th September 2011

Anna Fill Interview

Ever since I met Dani Carew some three years ago I have known about the novel she has now published, titled 'Redefining Amber'.

With only a synopsis to go on, I knew that the subject would touch and associate itself with a number of women who had experienced the trials and tribulations of divorce or in fact worry about the consequences of going down the path of divorce.

The book is a revelation and a proof that out of situations of trauma can come triumph. Dani has taken a subject associated with failure and despair and drawn from it a tale of hope and inspiration. It is a story for our times and has relevance to everyone living not just on the Riviera but anywhere in the world.

(We will be giving away a signed copy of Dani's book this month in our competition.) The book was won by Pauline Wallace living in Vence.

Dani's official book launch took place at the Restaurant Fusion on the Port in Monaco on Friday 18th February.

Monaco Life

Book Signing

Dani Carew launches her first book in Monaco, February 2011. Presenting Dani, is Anna Fill of The Riviera Woman .