Dani Carew smiling


We have ALL had Amber experiences - in life. It's not just the men - it's any disappointments and how we bounce back - you have to be strong and keep a warm heart and kind spirit.

Kelly Caudill

What a great comment. It's not so much the problem but how we react to it.

Carol Bruton

I love Amber - continue with her strength and vulnerabilites. Perhaps her resistance to self-doubt and on-going journey towards self-esteem will strike a resounding chord


Yes, everyone has had an AMBER experience, but you can learn resilience too! so, I would like to know how AMBER worked through her problems and changed her life.

Freda Katritzky

Dani Carew is an amazing lady who excels in so many areas and I have every confidence that her book is full of insights, wisdom and warmth. I can not wait to read Redefining Amber!

Kelly Caudill

I feel that I already know Amber. I am most impressed with her integrity and her courage. We can all learn through the character of Amber. The book will be a great success!

Alicia Sedgwick

Dani herself has been through so much but shown that with courage, strength, and faith that you can build your life and give inspiration to others..Amber will, no doubt, display similar characteristics and I shall look forward to reading about her, but most of all I am delighted for Dani that her fortitude has paid off and that she will go from strength to strength, with Amber defining her glory! Well done, Dani, and all the very best always..Hope to buy my signed copy soon as the book is out!! Much love.x.

Terri Clarke

Like Amber, we have all had disappointments and suffered from self doubt therefore I look forward to reading and discovering just how Amber overcomes her fears and manages to redefine herself . I too,hope to buy my signed copy soon as the book is out!! Dani is a lovely, intelligent woman and I wish her lots of success . Much love.x.


I am so eager to get my copy of REDEFINING AMBER. When will it be released and in Barnes and Noble? Will Amazon also carry it?Let's get the word out. What about Ophrah? Has she seen the book? Eager to read. Kelly


The book “Redefining Amber’ will be a great book to read!!.I feel this book has a certain uniqueness remember the quote “If music be the food of love play on” in the sense that one will be able to imagine whatAmber is actually hearing when going through her emotional roller coaster moments. What with Amber’s life-crisis going on and how she deals with it What changes? How? What does she do? Where does she go? Who does she turn to? When does she have the strength to move forward to her new life? Does she?We all have certain experiences in life which makes us the characters of who we are today good or bad it is how we deal with them mentally, physically and spiritually.I look forward to Ambers experiences, her journey in life. I am sure this will inspire other women to share their Amber experiences. Paths of self discovery….we all have a few stories up our sleeves…….I look forward to the read.Think it will be GREAT Dani! x


This is such a fantastic subject matter and despite all of us at some point in our lives having to deal with loss and disappointment, these topics are rarely dealt with head on in literature... Therefore I am so looking forward to seeing Redefining Amber on the bookshelves and to the impact that it will have on the lives of people struggling to deal with the sometimes harsh realities that we are confronted with. Showing us how to turn them into redefining moments rather than an end to all as we know it; transforming a "cul de sac" into a highway! Brava Dani With love and respect x


It's true that we all have certain life experiences which lead us to paths of self discovery. But the self realization cannot take place if one does not reconsider, push and redefine the limits. Even before reading the book I got a feeling that it will have a Great Success. It is already instilled in the title. I can't wait to read it!


Finally I found this the address to this site. The story of Amber is very much parallel to experiences in my own life - I couldn't say I have managed to turn my life around as well as Amber but at least survived and hopefully moving in the right direction... I can't wait to read the book! Well done Dani. Lots of love from Juulia


What a great topic! I am going through an Amber-experience right now, but I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think it is not so much what happens to us in life that matters as our attitude towards it. I also want to buy my signed copy of Dani's book asap, and I am honored to be a member of such an inspiring person's book club!


It appears that I am the first man to leave a comment. The prologue on the website sounds like an interesting storyline, and maybe a movie could follow. Well done Dani! I hope to read this book.


The title 'Redefining....' says it all, in the sense that finding the finest version of oneself, is the ultimate challenge. This is wonderful Dani. xx


I am looking forward to reading Dani Carew's novel "Redefining Amber". Dani is a great inspiration to all she speaks to in person, and I am sure that this quality will transform itself into her book and make it a great read and a huge success!

Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Congratulations, Dani! Tonight's launch will be the start of much success with your book, I'm sure. There are so many women who I'm sure can relate to Amber and her story. Can't wait to read it.

Robert Hausner

Amber: proof positive that we can overcome adversity and thrive again

Patricia C.

I liked the easy style of writing which carried you along with it from start to finish. In retrospect, the story reminds me of a piece of plaiting, beginning with one strand, quickly gathering more threads interweaving these with dexterity and finally tying the loose ends neatly together. As we got to know Amber better, her thoughts and emotions were often cleverly depicted in just a few words, which was all the reader needed as the narrative evolved. However, I did find the references to song titles and designer clothes rather too frequent and began wishing she might decide to put on an old sweater for once... But, congratulations Dani on an engaging, well-told, satisfying novel. Patricia C.


Dear Dani, congratulations on such an amazingly successfull book launch, a fine book & a happy ending! Patricia, your comment made me smile but for me I don't mind the designer clothing... Alison Rentoul wrote: Thank you Dani for this wonderful tale of triumph over adversity. I'm sure your courage will be inspirational to many women going through the pain of divorce and redefining themselves as strong women once again. All the very best and may it become an international best seller! Love Alison x Terri Clarke wrote: Congratulations Dani ... well written, easy reading ,enjoyable story . When's the next one ?

Vivi Beuret

A good read, made me feel that whatever disaster may arrive I could handle it. I closed this book feeling a lot more optimistic about life Lily wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this book Dani. It was real escapism from the daily grind! When is the next one coming out?

Kate Powers

Dani I'm really proud and happy your book finally came to be! Life is full of adversities. I know this was just a taste of what's to come! And look forward to reading your next book, I'm sure it will touch many lives! Love Faith and Blessings.. Thanks for the thoughtful dedication..Kate Powers