Redefining Amber

redefining amber

Amber Winwood was looking forward to a happy weekend relaxing with her husband and a few of their close friends on the yacht. When on a sunny friday afternoon, at the age of forty two, without warming, her upper middle class life changes irrevocably. Her husband tells her he no longer loves her, and asks her for a divorce. Bringing their marriage and a relationship which spanned fifteen years, to an abrupt end. Amber discovers after a very painful divorce, that her husband has depleted their finances on non profitable business ventures. On the brink of bankruptcy, she has to re-evaluate her situation.

This is the story of Amber's daunting fight to create a life for herself, to survive the terrifying fear of loneliness which engulfs her, and her amazing struggle to adapt to a new challenging career, as a TV Documentary Host. Whilst researching a guest for one of her programmes, she discovers an astonishing secret, which leads her to reunite a Famous Pop Icon (adopted at birth) with her biological mother, a Celebrity fashion model. Amber achieves success with her new career, and re-discovers her self esteem, lost after her divorce.